I find great enjoyment in creative writing. I have dabbled with writing poems, sketches, scripts, and novels. Here I have listed the books I have published.

The First Elf

Klowey is a young acolyte, who lives within the security of the routine of her order and is doubtful about the world outside. But when a strange visitor comes to the city warning that the legendary first elf has been discovered, she is convinced that a prophecy is about to be fulfilled. Klowey leaves the acolyte house behind to find the first elf and prevent the end of all life.

Amazon Review:

“As an avid fantasy reader I found this book truly refreshing from some of the more turgid tomes you can come across. The author deals with a great many ideas and modern issues in careful and thought provoking ways so much so, that I’m sure I missed some of his allusions entirely. A true modern fantasy.

“Whole heartedly recommended great book!!!!”

Escape From Castle Rarda

This is not an ordinary story. You are in control of the story and what happens to your character. But will it be a happy ending? Your choices will decide. In the midst of a war between your people, the Vardars, and your fearsome enemy, the Curdars, you have been captured and imprisoned within the dungeons of Castle Rarda. You have vital information for the Vardars. Without this information the war will be lost. You must get that information to the Vardars before it is too late. But first you must escape Castle Rarda. You are in control of the story. Can you find the way out before it is too late?


This is the first book I ever had published. Like so many authors before me, I adapted the biblical story of Jonah into a children’s story. But the real creativity is the wonderful illustrations by my sister.

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