About Me

Thomas E. Gaston

Welcome to my website where you can find all my books and journal articles together in a single place.

This site is divided into four main sections, reflecting four different modes of writing and four different, if interconnected, aspects of my life.

My professional writing was born out of my career in publishing and focuses primarily on peer review and related topics.

My academic writing covers both my areas of postgraduate studies (Patristics; Gnosticism; Platonism) and my other research interests (Biblical Studies; Heresiology.)

My religious writing is primarily directed towards the needs and interests of those who share my religious convictions, covering areas such as biblical interpretation, Christian doctrine, and apologetics.

My creative writing is mainly for my own amusement, though I hold out hope that my stories and poems may be of interest to others too.

A note on copyright and permissions

I believe in the right of those who work in publishing, and other creative industries, to be fairly rewarded for their work. Under the current paradigm that right is protected by copyright laws, which ensure that published works are not reused without permission and, where appropriate, payment. In scientific and scholarly publishing this paradigm is changing, supporting Open Research by publishing new articles open to all readers under a Creative Commons license. In my current role at Wiley, I am actively engaged in the transition towards this open access future. Under this new paradigm there will be other mechanisms for unsuring those who work in publishing are fairly rewarded.

Please do not ask me to breach copyright by sharing published material in a way prohibited by its copyright license. Some of my articles are open access. Where I have self-published books, I have tried to ensure the print versions are priced affordably. I am happy to receive permission requests to reuse material where I retain the copyright, but in all other cases please respect the livelihoods of those contributed to publication.

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